First it requires electricity generated by coal which costs 4 cents per kwh to make and it dribbles back the electricity intermittently over 20 years at 15 cents per kwh.

So a solar panel gets back the energy it took to make but at four times the cost.

Second, if  you wanted to make a solar panel using the electricity from the first solar panel to make another solar panel, the second solar panel would use 15 cent per kwh electricityto make it and it would cost 60 cents a kwh to use.

At the end of it’s life, after 20 years the electricity ends. The cost is lost forever.

There is nothing renewable. tTe money is spent, the electricity is used and the money was wasted. It just took 20 years to finish the waste.

Verification of and more details are in the book: Twilight of Abundance by David Archibald.

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