The man hates America including it’s founders. He has many reasons which can be skipped over at the moment so we can get to his motive for the Shrinking Economy.

In his zeal to hurt as many Americans as possible with economic sabotage the economy responded exacetly as planned, -it shrunk.

President Obama has no connection, no intellectual connection to an American. He has no idea about what it means to be “an American”.

How could he? He was raised to oppose “the West” including America and England. Americans don’t act like Obama or more precisely, President Obama cannot act like and American because he opposes the values that started America and which values still energize many Americans.

Obama is not a free market man, -he’s a regulated and controlled economy disciple like Hillary, JFK;  FDR; and LBJ. That’s why is’s unable to connect with real Americans and why his policies have hurt the poor in America. 

The poor and the middle class have been hurt more than the upper class and the rich. The Obama’s  the Clintons, the Pelosi’s, the Kerry’s, the Reids and the rest of the Democratic leaders are massively rich.

Only a very small percent of Americans are more rich than the top Democrats.

Of course the rank and file Democrats had it stuck to them with paying the health care costs of 40 million uninsured poor and lower middle class people.

The poor always get stuck.  A growing economy always costs the poor more than the rich and a shrinking economy hits the poor first, long before the ripples hit the rich like the rich Democrat leaders.

The rank and file Democrats cheer on their candidates and don’t see the quicksand collecting around their own feet.

The Progressives and the Left have been guiding the poor into enjoying their status and giving them welfare to help them think the government is their friend. Progressives don’t live among the poor, they just pay them to create the illusion they care.

A good example is Hillary’s comment that when they left the White House they were “Dead Broke”. Six years after they left with tens of thousands of taxpayer stuff. They had to pay $28,000 back but they got away with easily five times that amount. Husband and congenital fibber Clinton just supported Hillary’s fib and said: she’s right. 

The Democrats keep telegraphing how dumb they believe the voters really are and the dumb voters keep licking the hands that feed them.

It’s not understandable that Barack Obama hates America. At some point in his bumptious life he should have figured it out, that America caused him. Unfortunately he hasn’t gotten it yet. In fact, he’s doubled down on his past contradictions so Americans will continue to watch their pleasures disappear and more pain materialize.

If Obama really wanted to help America he would have made different decisions along the way.

So we’re stuck. Stuck with a President who, even if he means well, we don’t know what he means at all. It’s never his fault. It was always caused by someone else. He is an entitled man. All he needs to do is show up and a golden road appears going in his fabled direction. We just can’t see it.   

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