The Left hates guns. Liberals hate guns and quite a few non Left / non Liberal types are afraid of guns so they want them banned.

They have been battling private gun ownership for decades and want to stop all Americans from owning a gun. They almost never report on the good done by people with guns and constantly refer to the incidents where a perp used a gun.

They always mention a gun when it’s used in America but never when it’s used in say Africa or the Middle East.

Quick: What kind of guns did Boko Harem use to kidnap 200 young girls? See? It’s never been reported. (They were Russian AK-47’s, commonly called Kalashnicovs because a Russin invented and produced the first ones back in 1948.)

OK, you didn’t know that but what kind of gun was used to shoot Congresswoman Giffords? A semi-automatic? Correct. A Glock? Correct. A Pistol? Right again. three correct answers about the one specific gun used by a nut.

Jared Loughner

Even though there are more crimes and incidents prevented than committed with guns, the media likes to show the bad things. What about the good things people with guns do with their guns? Why is that kept hidden by the Left and the media?


Most unfortunately Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was attacked and nearly killed by a man who disliked her views. The Left Wing media used the attack to attack the mentally ill.

How low can they go?

Lower still. For example, suppose¬†your wife used Midol for her mood swings. That’s mental illness according to the guidelines in the Mental Disorder catalog used by psychiatrists. One description calls mood swings: Bi-polar Disorder. Another is name is Manic – ¬†Depressive.

She could be a serial killer lurking in plain sight waiting to kill someone with a semi-auto because they didn’t like what someone said.

They say they only want to prevent mentally ill people who have been committed from getting a gun.

That includes almost every addict who went into a detox program anytine in their lives, even if it was to withdraw from Vicodin like Rush Linbaugh did.

Or if you were ADHD and took Adderall. Adderall is a psychotropic drug which would prevent you from getting, having or using a gun.

WHAT ARE GUNS FOR? the First and most important reason is:

Peace Of Mind.

Any soldier will tell you how much better they felt when their gun was just cleaned and loaded.

The same thing happens when a civilian first takes a gun to work at their grocery store and every tine thereafter when they realize they have some protection from the bad people.

all citizens with mental illnesses by proposing National Legalization to prohibit individuals with mental issues from owning guns.

Giffords husband is a military man, trained in the use of some of the most deadly weapons available. He’s a captain in the Navy.


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