Guns are fatal.

That’s why militaries use them.

The primary reason to own or to possess a gun is to kill someone. If you disagree I suppose you think your life is less important than an attacker.


Some mental issues are transitory, some self-heal and others can be easily healed. Yet others more permanent and others absolutely permanent with no chance of being cured.

There are probably millions of ways an individual can be judged to be mentally insufficient but many, perhaps most insufficiencies are harmless to others and many are beneficial.

Plus, mentally insufficient people have Rights which government is required to protect, not restrict.

Lately some doctors have been promoting restrictions against people with mental issues as a way to further restrict guns.

Unfortunately for them and fortunately for everyone else there’s the 2nd amendment which is a set of Rights, along with a great number of other Rights and sets of Rights enumerated and not enumerated among the Laws of the United States that prevents the anti-gun doctors from getting their way and restricting and/or banning guns.

For accuracy those who want to infringe on the Second Amendment should title their argument’s against guns as arguments against Individual Rights.

Supporters of the Second Amendment should begin to argue: taking guns away from poor people may and often does put them in greater danger.

The doctors of course make what appears to be a prima face case and too many people agree with them that it’s best to restrict gun possession and to keep guns away from people who are mentally ill.

The Gun-Restricting Doctors’s  points  resonate among people unfamiliar with guns and among people who are afraid of guns.

The Doctors and other medical personal who agree with the Doctors  should include in their publications a list of all of the guns in America and the number actually beneficially used by people with mental health issues. Simply include all of the times a gun helped someone.

It’s not hard. It’s a number.

It’s the number that answers the question: “How many times has a gun helped at least one person?”.

Also, how about we ask to see a list of all of the guns in homes of people with mental health issues that are not used for suicide?

How about a list of all the guns in all the homes that are used by other members in each of those homes to defend people who have mental health issues.

After all, homes with say Down’s Syndrome people may be located in high crime areas and how many and how often does a gun in those homes provide great peace of mind to the people therein?

How many guns were used to protect people with mental health issues?

To protect poor people?

To protect people of color?

To protect children?

To protect property?

To provide Peace of Mind to millions of gun owning people.

In fact, any gun in any place including in the hands of a military person provides great peace of mind just by it’s nature and it’s presence.

Those are some of the Positive Argument’s in favor of more guns in the hands of more people.

If the so called researchers, (they are actually one side frauds) would study and balance the positive values of guns against the very small number of negative arguments,  they would find, for example, that fear and depression sometimes can be cured by holding a loaded gun against their fears. It gives them some power against their demons.

Shooting an assailant also “cures” rape by preventing it. That’s a beneficial outcome for the woman involved.

Rape is a crime. How about making the prevention of a rape by using a gun a medal winning event, the medal to be given by the local District Attorney?

Firearms are more necessary during times of National and International Stress which is a mental condition.

Or is it wrong to include stress as a mental state?


And stress is one reason that can and has been used to prohibit the possession of a gun when often stress can be lessened or eliminated by the possession of or fast access to a loaded and operational gun.

Stress often has survival value because it alerts one about a danger.

The above is what quickly came to mind that shows how wrong it is to actually conclude guns should be prohibited from some people because of metal issues.

Fear is also a mental state and people who fear guns should always identify their fear when writing about assuaging their mental state by reasoning guns should be controlled by people without such mental impediments.

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