The three Northampton Republican Supervisors have the power to say no. They use that power to get money by demanding it. They can destroy and they have destroyed  the future of people who want to do business in Northampton. WaWa refused their demands and simply abandoned their plans to update the property in Holland which would have created about 30 jobs for Northampton. 

Businesses are really vulnerable to the three R’s extortive behavior.

The power to take money is forbidden to them. They avoid the prohibition by making people appear to ‘volunteer’ to pay for something like ‘trees’, as has been done many times over the years, “Trees”. Ha Ha Ha. It happened at the May 25th supervisor meeting where instead of helping a business expand they took $10,000 from him for “trees”. Even worse the trees did not belong to the township. Incredibly I watched and listened as they forced a man to agree to pay double  for his own trees.  He paid for the trees when he bought the property then the township made him pay to remove the trees to build a building. the design of the building is far more appropriate than  any building built by the township yet these people who failed to demonstrate the smallest ability to design anything  had the power to order him around like a servant for them. Unable to grasp the simplest of the elements of design they still forced him to spend more of his own money to re-design his parking lot so they could get an entrance to the Richboro Schoolhouse property, a property which they had effectively stolen from Commerce Bank as a condition for their approval of the banks building plans.

So the owner of an adjacent property to the township owned schoolhouse property was forced to re-design the storm water management system which had been designed to meet all of theknown Northampton zoning requirements but that wasn’t enough to get the three supervisors, to approve his plans. Disgusting.

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