Things have steadily gotten worse in America’s Black / White race relations. Despite the 50 years from 1964’s Civil Rights Laws designed to help America integrate the black and white races there’s more distance than ever between them and things have gotten worse.

How is that known? Is it possible that race relations are better but they only appear worse?

One need only read a newspaper or watch the nightly news to see the racism in America. Of course there are no more lynching’s and America elected a black man twice to be it’s national leader but shortly after being elected the first black president his wife told the nation to monitor their family and friends for racial sensitivity. 

Instead of telling black people to take responsibility for their own lives she want’s them to confront other people because of their belief’s which are different than Michelle’s.

This is the age old politics of confrontation and conquest. It’s the eternal zero-sum game where she wins and you lose, .. or vice versa and plenty of people are angry with the lack of progress by government, government at all levels that has been determined to prove that when black people have problems it’s the fault of some white people.

In a remarkable book written in 1999 “Paved With Good Intentions” Jared Taylor identified many problems between black and white people and proposed many solutions. Since then the distance between black and white Americans has increased.

Read the book to prove to yourself how bad racism is and despite all of the programs, all of the money and all of the time spent on eliminating racism we can see from the words and deeds of President and Mrs. Obama that things are worse.

But don’t try to buy “PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS”. It’s out of print and it’s impossible to fins a publisher who will reprint it. Why” See the article written by the outhor Jjared Taylor HERE.

Sure, many black people know the true score and so do many whites but there are more people around now than in 1999 and it’s easier to see the behaviors described by Taylor 25 years ago.

Can racism be eliminated? Probably not. I know personally from travelling to 92 countries that there are many places where people of different races not only live and work together they prosper. But there are more countries where small differences are great obstacles for many people to live among or with different people.

Therefore when I witness the racial sensitivity or insensitivity; the double standards; the purposeful pain shoveled out to white people because of their race, often by other well intentioned white people my prediction about the end of racism would be that it’s impossible in America.

The President jumped to the defense of a black professor without knowing the details of his arrest by a white police officer. the president called the arrest “Stupid” and then defended his decisions and conclusions that were race based.

Obama “was dead wrong to malign this police officer specifically and the department in general,” Alan McDonald, the lawyer for the Cambridge Police Superior Officers Association, told ABC News today.


Shortly after Trayvon Martin was killed the president said: “that could have been me.”

No, Mr. President, it could not have been you. The only similar thing about you and Trayvon Martin is the color of your skin. So far as we know you did not behave like Trayvon and if Trayvon was more like you he wouldn’t have jumped and punched a man who was screaming until it became too painful. Trayvon didn’t stop. He should have never started. A jury found his victim not guilty.


With leaders like the president instead of people like Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele,  Bill Cosby and many more black people who get it, race relations and bigotry will not be solved. .

The wounds are too deep and the scars are not healed and the mood has become more ugly.

Too bad. It could be so different. It should be so different but it won’t be different because it can’t be, at least not at this time.  

And it’s the fault of who?  Who is guilty of bigotry? Perhaps the question is who is more guilty of racism? Is it right to use racism to end Racism?

To delve more into this the arguments will get into the completely irrational.    

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