His attack on coal as fuel caused a 25% drop between 2007 and 2012. By the time Obama leaves office his anti-coal policy will have reduced coal powered electricity 40%

Emissions from Coal are easily controlled but Obama has another reason to destroy American Coal. As electricity generated from coal decreases the electricity generated by oil increases.

As more oil is needed the oil producing nations, those would be the nations of the Middle East; Saudi, Iraq, Iran, Qatar, Kuwait etc. get more money which they use for terrorism to help destroy America and Europe.

Lets forget about solar and wind generators. They’re far too expensive to buy to be able to compete with coal and oil.

And Nuclear is almost impossible to build because of the Environmentalists, the Progressives and the America-haters. Same for Hydro power.

Hydro needs dams. Environmentalists hate dams. Obama supports fewer dam’s too.

So the alternative to Obama’s plans are to use less energy which means to live life at a reduced level. That also fits Obama’s strategy to bring America to her knees for all the past damage America and American’s have done around the world.

Same for Obama opening the borders to have millions more people but fewer jobs. Immigrants are not Capitalists. If they were they would have improved their home country and never left.

Obama’s strategy and tactics are well known but there are not enough Americans willing to oppose him.

That leaves the so-called Peaceful Majority of People Who Are Irrelavent.

Obama has succeeded where the terrorists failed. He’s destroying America from within.  



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