“Guilt has been called the unnatural emotion.  Sadness, fear, frustration, and anger are hardwired from birth.  Guilt, conscious or unconscious, arises from a comparison between that which is and that which the conditioned mind says should be.  Just as the concept of character was replaced by the morally neutral concept of personality in mid-twentieth-century psychology, the concept of guilt was largely replaced by research in the morally neutral field of anxiety.

Guilt is associated with religion and morality.  Psychology functions as a religion replacement and is a source of anti-moral humanist doctrine.  Clinical psychological research is often implicitly antagonistic to morality and religion.  However, a recent article entitled “Pathological guilt: a persistent yet overlooked treatment factor in obsessive compulsive disorder” [1] sheds lights on the understructure of guilt of the left wing’s obsession with race and racism.

While PG (pathological guilt) is frequently conceptualized as a major component of scrupulosity (obsessions that involve religious and/or moral content), its impact extends beyond this context. From a clinical perspective guilt may mediate most other obsessions, including aggressive, contamination, sexual, religious, symmetry/exactness, and other obsessions. It may also mediate nearly all compulsive subtypes. (snip) Interestingly, Alexander, et al. [2] found guilt, but not shame, to be associated with levels of depression.

The author refines the relationship between guilt and OCD: “[The patients] fear that the obsessive thoughts indicate an unintended wish for them to happen.”  This finding may help explain the psychology behind black racism hoaxes.  These dynamics of guilt also explain why successful black people irrationally need to view themselves as victims of racism, though their race has actually been an advantage.”

Those are not my words but they have a ring of fact within them. My ideas about Racism are grounded in their affects on voters. Simpler? Yes. Factual? That often depends on the context but having lived and worked along side many different races, cultures and in different countries Racism is directed behavior which is Psychologically and often pathologically driven which in the former case means it can change but in the latter case that it will never change.

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