Genocide in America is about the difference in the races and the deliberate actions to stop Northern European based races and increase the effectiveness of other races. Opening the borders has other causes, viz., hatred for, retaliation against and punishment of the citizens of America for their virtues, values and greatness compared to every other nation.

Manipulation of immigrants; the careful selection of what types; what kinds, and which particular individuals a government allows into a country has long been an accepted process to control the type of nation desired by the leaders. The protection of America from undesirable’s has been compromised to help defeat the American system.

America has been re-manipulated to destroy the ability of the present residents to control the issues that affect them, their families and their future.

When criminals, for example, are encouraged to live in America, the country will thereby encourage more lawlessness since that’s one thing criminals do.

When uneducated people are encouraged to live in America the population is made dumber.

When terrorists and political agitators and community organizers are encouraged it’s true that a potential President and First Lady may be among them since those values are some held by President and Michelle Obama who it could be argued support the destruction of the present system of America.

Michelle and President Obama are dangerous people because they are each ideologues who detest America. Their interviews, writings and actions prove how dangerous they are, how dangerous they have been and how dangerous they will be in the future.

In the interview published in Parade Magazine we learn each has two college degrees each. With four degrees between them their objective for every person to be paid a huge salary even if they work part-time or don’t work at all.

Genocide is usually against one race or one group of people. In the case of the Obama’s it’s much bigger. It’s against everyone because everyone in the world has been affected by their prejudices and actions.

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