The destruction of America by President Obama has lots of support and millions of supporters.

President Obama was turned against America and against Great Britain by his mother, father, childhood mentors, grandparents and anti-American people like Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayres, an unrepentant anti-American who got away with setting bombs at the Pentagon and other places. ]

Rage against America has been raging in America since before the Civil War. It’s finally become not only successful but canonized. American school children are taught from an anti-American history book appropriately named in support of the former Soviet Union and China: “A PEOPLES History of the United States”.

PHUS supports Marxism’s an Equal Income for all but ignores most of the successful historic events that built America. Instead PHUS chronicles lots of less important history as well as providing evidence that’s useful for the destruction of America by constantly diminishing what’s good about America and praising people and events that put America down.

How many people have been mislead by PHUS? Millions. It’s been in use in American classrooms for 34 years. The children who were propagandized by PHUS are in their late 40’s and are running companies and ruling in DC and the States.

America is finished. The destruction was achieved without firing a shot. Individual Rights were listed in The Constitution. With the cooperation of a Left Wing Supreme Court the Constitution has been hammered into scrap.

America’s History is the victim and the aggressor. Zinn gives thousands of reasons America is the Evil Empire. Millions of people accept that including especially President Obama and are gleeful about it.

But where will they go now that America is finished, to have their Rights and their very lives protected?

Nowhere. Certainly not to Mexico or Canada. Not to South America, Asia or China. Not even Western Europe will accept them back. Where can the old American’s go?

Into the grave. 

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