Ed Klein wrote a book “Blood Feud” and the New York Post printed an excerpt about Michelle Obama’s 2016 Campaign for President.

The Obama White House loathes Hillary, at least the evidence in the New York Post article makes that clear. Michelle calls Hillary “Hildebeast”. Bill hates Barack. The excerpt doesn’t mention Hillary’s attitude towards the Obamas. Hillary comes across as a conciliator. Perhaps that idea is also in Klein’s new book.

Will Michelle run for President? For the Senate? Probably. It’s an obvious sequence. Hillary did it, why not Michelle?

There are many reasons Michelle will be a formidable candidate. Hillary didn’t seem to be an ideal candidate when she ran for the Senate but she won. Michelle is a lot smoother than Hillary. She has no baggage like the many scandals that preceded Hillary’s run for Senate. Michelle is likable. Hillary was called “Hilla the Hun” by Bill Clinton.

Despite her past scandals, Hillary could win the Presidency in 2016. So could Michelle.

But “Blood Feud” will work against both of them. Hatred is a powerful incentive as we know from 9/11 and the Boston Marathon Bombs.

The Republicans are worried. There’s no Republican with the name recognition of Michelle or Hillary. Right now it would be a walk-on for Hillary.

Elizabeth “Native American” Warren is running for President too but she has too many negatives and few positives.

Michelle’s hat is now in the Ring. How the two Democratic Party’s will respond will help determine the direction and the fate of America.

Neither Michelle nor Hillary are universally liked. Both have serious negatives. Neither will unite the Democratic leadership and both will further fracture a declining America, a plan President Obama has been implementing since his birth.

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