Capitalism vs. Freedom? Are you serious? How can freedom be against Capitalism when Capitalism never works unless buying and selling is operating in an uncontrolled, unregulated market?

How about “Extreme Capitalism”? What does that mean? Does it mean government only regulates some buying and some selling?

What does “Extreme Socialism” mean? Totalitarianism. A 100% controlled business is “Extreme Socialism” because it operates only for everyone, not for any business in particular.

What about “Moderate Capitalism” where government only takes some of the money from a business? Progressives, meaning Karl Marx followers who demand government control business “for the public interests” want to regulate business. That means to control it  but allow the business to be owned by a corporation or an individual. That’s Fascism.

The only “Fair Market” is an unregulated market where both buyers and sellers decide what to sell and what to buy.

England, for example is Socialist, hence it cannot have a free market by definition. Where goods / services / prices cannot be freely set it’s not capitalism regardless of the claims to the contrary because Capitalism requires a system based on the protection of the rights of the individual. In England the Crown owns everything and everything and everyone needs permission from the crown.

Whatever that is, it’s not Capitalism.

Apparently the “Old Assyrian” merchants engaged in long-range profit seeking 4,000 years ago. That would be the present lands of Iraq. Despite that auspicious beginning the Middle East is not friendly to Capitalism. Their economic systems for example are not available to women thereby eliminating at least half of the market.

In America the Progressive’s detest free markets. their desire is to regulate and control everything related to producing, selling and buying in the interest of “everyone” meaning they want to be in charge. That’s just another form of Socialism, that is un-free trading of goods and services.




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