Russia is stepping up it’s military apparatus along the border with Eastern Ukraine in preparation to invade the Ukraine and no world leader will confront him. 

Congressman Fitzpatrick, (R. PA) has been watching the situation in Ukraine since before Putin grabbed the Crimea region from Ukraine. He’s has reviewed a multi-faceted proposal to help Western Europe become less dependent on Russian natural gas. Other proposeals have also been available.

Will Congressman Fitzpatrick stand up to Putin on behalf of the citizens in Eastern PA whom he represents and who have relatives in Ukraine as well in many adjacent countries?

Russia has coveted and conquered those nations in the past, similar to the recent capture of the Crimea.

None of the Eastern European nations on their own or collectively can challenge Putin and his Imperialistic expansion of Russia.

lacking courage the Western nations are unable to confront. 

Putin therefore will soon conquer at least Eastern Ukraine.

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