Why? Because he blew the whistle on the Massive, Secret, Illegal, Un-Constitutional, Corrupt NSA Spy Program at great personal cost because it was the right thing to do.

Snowden lost his job. He lost his career. He lost his girlfriend. He’s no longer living in America. His very life is in danger. Each one of those losses are a personal tragedy. They represent too high a price to pay for most people. Snowden paid it.

He escaped with insurance that he created by himself for himself. A lot of files and e-mails that proved his case and/or that the United States Government want’s back and means to do whatever it takes to get Snowden to do it, even murdering him.

His life is in the balance. America is better off and Obama has changed some secret things as a result of Snowden’s blowing the whistle; revealing the spying on innocent American’s as well as on innocent people including heads of foreign countries.  

The story here should be the Massive, Secret, Illegal, Un-Constitutionals, Corrupt NSA Spy Program, not Snowden.

Suppose Snowden revealed military secrets to say Putin? Suppose those revelations will make it more difficult for America to battle terrorists?

On balance; on the scales of Justice, which is the greater harm to Americans? The Massive, Secret, Illegal, Un-Constitutionals, Corrupt NSA Spy Program which affects every American as well as additional millions of people or the revelation of some alleged military secrets?

There’s a more subtle form of danger than someone pointing a gun at you. The danger that the gun is pointed at you out of your sight. You are in danger in both situations but you are in more danger from a secretly pointed gun than from one you can see. You can act to save yourself if you can spot the danger. You are in a worse situation went the danger is secret because you cannot protect yourself.

So too in the case of Edward Snowden.

There’s a more subtle form of justice than the difference between right and wrong:  -the difference between different evils.

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