General Petraeus had to go to England to tell us America and the West is in danger because of President Obama’s massively wrong strategy and tactics in Iraq. Speaking to The Telegraph, Petraeus said: “US should launch targeted military strikes on ‘terrorist army’ ISIS”, -at least that was the headline.

Is Petraeus right? Well. it depends on your moral code. Want to resist evil everywhere you can? Or are you practical so you pick your battles?

It’s different for President Obama. While the Middle East has become a human disaster, he has the power and the military might to defeat ISIS. He just doesn’t have the inclination. Obama isn’t a warrior, he’s a stone thrower, part of a harass and run away type who likes to start fights and run away or just run away and wait for another day. An agitator, not a leader who is perplexed by being in charge of the system he’s hated and worked against all his life. Read his books. Learn his history. He’s appalling.

Obama doesn’t need re-education. He was never in a place where he liked America, England, white people or the West. There’s no good place to which he can return.

On the other hand, he never liked much of anything except maybe brackets and baskets.

A loather who should never have been elected to any American office. It’s not that he’s un-American. He is, but he’s ignorant of the principles and lacks the American attitude.  

Obama is part of the fourth wave in America. A remnant of his mother s and father’s dysfunctions. His entire history including what he admitted in his two books is rage-based.

He’s been very effective in destroying old America and replacing it with a crazy amalgamation of the worst of the world.


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