Who knew Megyn Kelly was a massive Fem-bot Warrior?

The destruction of male warriors is a favorite pastime of the Left and the Fem-Warriors. In the spirit of Rachael Maddow, Megyn Kelly has a strong inclination to side with the Left when it suits her. She wiped the floor with Dick Cheney and gave him his last National appearance.

The Left including especially the extreme Left has a visceral hatred of Dick Cheney, equating him with Lucifer who created hell. Kelly gave them ammunition to hate Cheney even more.

How did Kelly do it? Simple. Set him up with ten points then ask him a question about the last one.

It’s a favorite lawyer tactic they use to impeach witnesses. It overloads the memory and makes an answer impossible. Result? Destruction. Point, Set, Match Kelly.

Bet the WSJ won’t print any more Cheney Opinion pieces. Daughter Liz may have a chance but bye bye Dick.

Too bad for America.

Will Megyn reform? Nah. She’s a Right Wing Conservative Libertarian Tea Party Republican who deserves everything she has. A rare combination of many good attributes, she’ll continue to enjoy the nice life.


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