America veered hard to the police state with some of the appointments made by The Obama Administration. Even if they have no shame, nor love towards America the American Liberals of the Left should abandon the current rulers in Washington D. C. now that Lois Lerner and the IRS admitted they destroyed the hard drives from the computers that were subpoenaed by Congress. One expects such behavior in a third world dictatorship but not in America.  

The purpose of the Congressional Subpeona’s was to provide evidence the IRS wrongly targeted Tea Party Groups to deny them the reductions in taxes that similar but Liberal groups received.

Such behavior is expected from a totalitarian reghime run by tin horn dictators but not in America or the West.

The behavior of Eric Holders “Justice Department” has been sufficiently egregious that Congress held him in Contempt. The  security of the borders has been undermined by the Executive Branch deciding not to enforce immigration laws. The stakes were raised by actually allowing and inviting illegal immigrants into America thereby causing job dilution and the replacement of native born Americans with illegal foreign born workers.

President Obama Lost Iraq by refusing to follow the military advice of the American Generals who recommended some kind of small military presence in Iraq. This seems like more like the work of bunglers and amateurs or even worse of barbarians inside the gates.

Yes, Virginia, there are enemies of freedom inside America. One of the biggest is the history textbook “A Peoples History Of the United States” which is a large propaganda book written against America by Howard Zinn who is very subtle about his purpose which is Propaganda Against America. It’s a poison for which one antidote is to see “AMERICA” by Dinesh D’Souza where some of the anti-Americanism in the book is revealed.

The serious consideration of joining Iran to help Iraq, shows some kind of defective cognition if not an outright agenda to lessen the importance of America in and to the world.

Iran to whom America is “The Great Satan” , is a totalitarian theocratic dictatorship that has spawned and supported the terrorist war against America. this seems like America’s present leaders don’t much understand let alone agree with the founding principles of America which at bottom supports justice not a dictatorship of the proletariat as the proletariat is seen by the dictator. …developing

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