There are 32 teams in the National Football League. All have nicknames but only one nickname is derogatory, “Redskins”. All of the rest are complimentary. They are symbols of good attributes like strength, courage, & integrity.

Why is the name “Redskins” the exception?

Well, the truth is, it’s not derogatory at all. Lots of people do not have much respect for Indians, somehow depicting them as losers or lesser people but I was brought up on the Lone Ranger and Tonto. I believed in Tonto’s character. Time and again he was smart enough to see ahead and rescue the Lone Ranger when he was tricked or trapped by the baddies. He was a real friend to the Lone Ranger and the Lone Ranger always treated him as superior in many ways.

What happened to the idea of the brave Indian? Are they now so defeated that they have to deny themselves?

The Left wing media and the government are trying to depict the Republicans as redneck conservative religious gun nuts so they point to their acceptance of the word Redskin as a mark of shame to the conservatives. That’s all nonsense on a stick.

So the Obama administration has gone into Full Fascist Mode by making it a crime to use the word Redskin.

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ruled the logo cannot be trademarked.

A member of the Cheyenne Tribe celebrated the victory but her celebration might be premature. the public may decide to boycott the Indian casino’s for a while thereby costing then some revenue.

A survey after the 1999 ruling showed the patent board relied on biased testimony from linguists and historians that the term “redskin” has long been used in a pejorative sense to refer to Native Americans. The board also cited a survey commissioned by the plaintiffs that found that 46 percent of the general public considered the word “offensive to me.”

That means 54% of the general public did not consider the term offensive. Lets see. 54% in favor – 46% against and the biased trademark office ruled against the 54%. that makes no sense at all and hopefully the appeal court figured that out.

There was a time before America was fully formed when most Indians were enemies and fought against the early Americans. But that was long ago and today most Americans hold no negative ideas about redskins.

It’s different story for the Cheyenne who sued and probably other Indian tribes. They seem to hold a grudge against non redskinned people.

The whole affair is a shame. There’s sympathy and blame against both sides here. Too bad.


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