If your keys are heavy enough they will pull down on the ignition switch and turn off the engine.

Power assist for the brakes disappears. So does power steering. Those happen suddenly and often catastrophically. You could be killed trying to get the car steered and stopped. 

If the key is off the steering wheel lock will lock the steering wheel from further turning.

You could be in a car without steering control and with brakes that are so hard to push the car will continue down the highway for quite a distance.

If the road turns your car will not be able to turn because of the steering wheel interlock. You could roll into oncoming traffic or even over a cliff because of the anti-theft steering wheel lockout that government mandated. You could be dead because they are dumb.

Even worse your car cannot be started again until it comes to a complete stop. That’s because of the Government Mandated Interlock System.

To start a car the gear selector must be in “Park”. To put the gear selector into Park the car must be stopped, the brake pedal must be depressed enough to make sure the car will not roll. There’s no way to start a moving car because of the government mandated anti-theft system.

You gonna die friend, because the government didn’t figure out that once a car is moving it can’t be started if it stops.

Government says: Die ‘n Like It. Don’t blame us.

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