It’s a proposed Bill in Congress, HR 1278. It seeks to ban the word “Redskin” and more. The exact words are: the term “Redskin” which includes “Redskins”. It’s a word ban for trademarks. It’s not a ban of the word. No one or group can ban a word.

But on a practical basis HR 1278 has zero chance of becoming law. First it’s unconstitutional. Second, no congressional representative has the power to ban a word or a drawing. Third, it will simply drive the term of the word underground. Fourth, the attempt of banning a word by government will go a long way to discredit the sponsors.

So what will happen. The word Redskin is not viewed by most people as offensive. Other’s are amused and others incredulous that Congressman Faleomavaega would try this. Maybe he’s a bit bored. His district is Samoa, a fabulous part of the world but a place where it’s easier to relax than get angry over the plight of the American Indians.

In addition, Native Americans have their own countries within America. Have they banned the term redskin in their own country?

That would be the  better place for Congressman Faleomavaega to start instead of forcing Americans to give up a word.

Oh, wait. Is that what this is about, a word?

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