Right, she defended a rapist and got him off with a lesser charge. The Lefties conveniently forget every lawyer decides whether or not to take a case when they yell and scream “everyone has a right to a lawyer”.

So Hillary choose to defend a rapist. Yes, everyone is innocent until proven guilty but her defending a rapist is about her defending a rapist, not about the Bill of Rights and the Leftists know that when they try to change the subject from Hillary The Rape Defendant Lawyer to anything else. 

Hillary is a fraud being perpetrated on America. It’s not just her complete lack of useful accomplishments. It’s her excuses to everything that the Left stands for.

As Secretary of State she didn’t do much. Yes, she travelled to 112 countries. Too bad she came back.

Obama wanted her far away  as possible as often as possible, but where are her success stories? She went  956,733 miles in the air, burned millions of gallons of Jet Fuel and you helped pay for every mile and every drop. The hypocritical Sierra Club supports big jets so long as Hillary’s inside.

She made the planet hotter with her every breath. We even paid for her food and laundry for the past four years.

The War on Terror is worse than ever. She was in charge as well as Obama. Benghazi showed Hillary at her pushy best. No accomplishments, four of her people murdered and she lied about it being caused by a video.

To make matters worse for America, she shouted, waved her arms and callously said to the United States House of Representatives: WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?

Hillary is a one woman war against women and men. She’s an awful thing. 

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