Illegal Immigrants are pouring over American’s southern border in response to President Obama’s political schemes to overload the welfare system so people demand more welfare.

That’s such a classic Liberal tactic that it has a name. It’s called the Cloward-Piven  Strategy.

How did the build-up at the Southern Border start? With the realization children will not be deported.

But we have a problem Houston. These are not helpless infants. These are not innocent orphans and special needs children.

These are all, each and everyone, illegal immigrants.

These are problem children who are bringing diseases that they are spreading right now. Many are teenagers with criminal backgrounds . Actual gang members with drug and gang problems.

they are coming because of their parents who want to be coat-tailed as legal immigrant parents. Some are running from the law in their own countries.

How do we sort this out? How does America get the best and the brightest and not the worst like Castro sent in the Muriel Boat Lift?

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