President Bush sent the military to Iraq. He did not “Invest” the military in Iraq.

It’s disrespectful to refer to military service as “an Investment”.

People who talk of military service as “an Investment” are trying to show how callous America is for being a Capitalist culture.

It’s part of the “Hate America” Campaign.

A hatred of success is partly responsible for the hatred of money. Hating money is based on hating success. It’s a way to humiliate successful people without actually saying you hate them.

Hating money, hating success, hating successful people, resenting people who are smart, those who are attractive is all part of the same swindle, designed to bring down individuals and elevate the gang.

Hillary wrote “It takes A Village” while secretly knowing she was lying. Hillary credits herself, not the village but she’s smart enough to know collectivism sells. Karl Marx and Hillary’s mentor Saul Alinsky also knew how to manipulate people.

that’s why Hillary wrote she was “dead broke” when they left the White house. She knew they were rich beyond belief but she also knew she couldn’t say that.

So does President Obama, another acolyte of Saul Alinsky and another America Hater. Obama is a user, He manipulates people. He stopped the war in Iraq by quitting. He didn’t stop the investment. He stopped the military.

America is a target of many Middle East Types. America is “The Great Satan” to them. America is in great danger from them. They need to be stopped or at least kept bottled up in the Middle East.

Now that America has introduced Drone Warfare it’s not necessary to send “Boots on the ground” to Iraq.

If the Middle East want’s to continue to slaughter Middle Easterners in the Middle East Americans can feel compassion for them.

America is free to take sides in the Middle East. Perhaps it’s better to help one bad defeat a worse gang but that’s not an investment. It’s self-defense and America must do that.

Just don’t call self-defense an investment. Self-defense is a requirement, not a choice.

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