The Tea Parties didn’t really support Dave Brat. Neither did the mainstream Republican Party but the Republican Voters in Virginia did. Brat beat Mainstream Republicans over the issue of “Pardon’s for Lawbreakers”, aka Amnesty.

Amnesty is a pardon for wrong behavior.

A Pardon for Illegal Immigrants is the evil Left Wing Idea that was the centerpiece of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s campaign for Congress. CANTOR LOST. Amnesty Lost because Amnesty is like being rewarded for committing a crime. 

People don’t like to pardon lawbreakers. If they did the law wouldn’t be worth enforcing.

Pardoning people for breaking the law is treason to the law abiding citizens who expect the guilty to be punished. The Left likes to punish the innocent and a large number of fools go along with the Left.

Amnesty is like telling law enforcement to get lost.

Dave Brat was not a Tea Party Candidate although he is essentially a small government guy. According to Laura Ingraham the Tea Party wouldn’t return his phone calls.

Brat spent about $100,000. Cantor spent about $5 million. If the Tea Party really supported Brat he would have received more than $100,000.

Brat’s values: He’s against the political establishment which is why his win over Eric Cantor is so important.

Brat defeated the Mainstream. He defeated the Republican establishment. Now he has to defeat a Democrat. The Tea Parties will certainly help him now.  

The establishment runs on political favors and Eric Cantor fit better with Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi than the Republican voters of Virginia.

Republican Virginians sensed the establishment’s full support of Cantor. He’s been in D.C. for 14 years. Far too long.

Non-Political people, that would be most voters,  know instinctively that politicians both Republican and Democrat scratch each other’s backs.

Obama and The Left want to pardon illegal immigrants. That’s another issue where Obama is completely out of touch with the voters of America. Even Democrat voters know immigration is killing jobs, especially for Democrat minorities.

Both legal and illegal immigration has been controlled by The Left since the 1964 Lyndon Johnson Great Society laws that have been working to limit and destroy the middle class.

Pardoning illegal immigrants is supported by the Mainstream Democrats and the Republicans in congress have been turning in that direction.

Who has the most to lose with more poor immigrants? Those at the bottom of the economy. That would be the working poor of America.

Unfortunately for American Blacks, that means lots of American Black voters are being thrown out of their jobs by immigrants. That’s the problem with unlimited immigration.

The illegal part of the out of control, Great Society Rubbish is the Big Dog. That would be Big Government.

Immigrants are expensive. Immigrants increase the tax burden of the middle class. Immigrants need education, jobs, welfare, free ObamaPhones, free ObamaCare and immigrants can’t get the good jobs because they need so much. Immigration is expensive especially when the immigrants lack basic job skills. 

Illegal immigrants are a huge burden to the welfare system. That means higher taxes and that hurts the poor and the middle class more than the more successful. 

How do you know immigrants lack skills?

Look at Wall Street. How many illegal immigrants are stockbrokers or bankers? Look at Congress. How many illegal immigrants do you see?

How about at college graduations? Immigrants? None.

In addition, the Left has been supporting non-European Immigration. For the people in Rio Linda, that would be mostly white immigrants. Why?

What’s wrong with European Immigrants? The Left should like them because most Europeans are Liberals and vote that way.

But Europeans know the law. tTey know how to stand respectfully in line and to wait their turn.

Ever stood in line at an airport in Africa? No? That’s because standing in line is European. African’s use a different system. No lines. Just a big push to get to the ticket window or the baggage check in. In Africa some people will hire a “people mover” to sort of work thru the crowd and get to the baggage check in. It’s not a wrong system, it’s just a different system.  

Back to Immigration.

Why doesn’t the Left support European Immigration? Or ask the corollary question.

Why does the Left support Non-European Immigration? Because all immigrants are further to the Left than Republicans.

But the Left doesn’t like Europeans because of the success of  the Liberal idea of “White Guilt”. The Left likes the third world much more than they like Americans and the Left doesn’t like Americans.

That’s why Dave Brat’s victory is so important. Eric Cantor was establishment. Brat isn’t. He leans more towards the Tea Parties. That’s good for America.


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