What was going on in Benghazi that may have caused the attacks and the murders?

Who pushed the video lies? Was Hillary involved in the cover-up of the attack? Absolutely.

No evidence on the ground of the video as the cause of the murders. At least three people are involved in the cover-up about the false blame on the video. Hillary, Obama and Susan Rice.

Hillary has been ducking blame all of her life. In the case of Benghazi she not onkly ducked blame, she actively supported a cover-up that was worse than Watergate.

Nixon resigned over the cover-up of a political break-in. Nixon never blamed others. No one died.

But Hillary has been: lying and continuing to lie; covering up; conspiratorially lying about the terrorist murders; about the existence of a video as well about was going on at the Benghazi compound. That’s six lies and that’s just about Benghazi.

How many more lies are in Hillary’s book? How about the whopper about being “dead broke” when she left the White House?


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