The most significant pollution in Bucks County comes from the pollen from the 252 species of Trees, Weeds and Grasses. (Here).

The untreated natural air also contains trillions of mold spores, plant spores, viruses and the Big Green Monster POLLEN.

Pollen is far more serious that acid rain. Why? Because acid rain has been just about eliminated but pollen is on the rise as trees have been growing faster and faster from all the rain.

In addition, more trees are planted that release their toxic pollens that infect the respiratory system and irritate the eyes so much that tears are produced to try to clean the pollen from the eyes of Bucks Countians. It doesn’t work.

Pollen enters homes during the night when the windows are open and the pollen easily evades screens and lands all over sleeping people.

Trillions of sneezes occur after the explosive pollen releases from the trees, weeds and grasses in Bucks County. The prevailing winds blow pollen into PA from neighboring states increasing the irritating pollen counts all over Bucks.

More people sneeze from pollen than from fumes from cars, trucks, busses, buildings, roads and parking lots. Severe Sneezing Attacks can dislocate bones which is painful. 

No man-made trees are available and that’s good. Trees release Sneezes because the pollen causes most people to sneeze as the body tries but fails to eliminate pollen from the air.

One sneeze can release huge amounts of viruses that can affect a room full of people. Irritating pollen causes sneezing which can cause painful, debilitating skeletal dislocations  

The greener Bucks becomes, the worse your allergies get.

Parking Lots don’t pollute, trees do.

Your nose is stuffed and your eyes are running from pollen, not pollution.

Power Plants? Power Plant exhausts are so clear people can’s see them. The so called Smoke Stacks of PECO always seem off. Almost nothing comes out.

The PECO owned trees pollute far more than the smoke stacks. A wooden utility pole ends the ability of the tree to release clouds of pollen. Bucks county allergy suffers are harmed from early spring until the first frosts when the pollen releases stop for the winter.

The nuclear power plants near Harrisburg emit water vapor. The clouds in the skies are made from water vapor. What comes out of the huge nuclear power plant coolers is identical to clouds. Clouds don’t trigger allergy attacks, trees do.

Diesel Exhaust? That was fixed decades ago with catalytic convertors, computer managed fuel delivery systems and more efficient engines and engine management systems.

Car’s? Are you kidding? Cars don’t even smoke anymore. The smoke is re-cycled back and burned as fuel. Car engines are more efficient than power plants.

Lawn mowers, weed whackers and leaf blowers that run on gasoline engines send out a miniscule number of particles and those mostly fall to the ground. Rocks in the ground are more trouble than particles from the gas engines on lawnmowers.

The number of actual pollen producing trees, weeds, flowers and  pollen producing blades of grass in Bucks is completely unstudied.

Instead of chasing chimerical anthromorphic causes of climate change, scientists should be knocking down a few trees to help relieve the allergies of the people. 

Allegies are expecially debilitating to seniors who are more likely to suffer body damage from sneezes and respiratory distress caused by violent tree pollens.

Most people will never get near a gun but they can’t help being exposed to pollen violence.  .


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