Before you go off about there is so, consider this. Just what is Northampton? It’s a township but that’s something someone drew on a map┬áso there’s nothing to it except a drawing.

Perhaps Northampton is the people who live within the boundries on the map. So Northampton is the people but there is no group of people to which someone can point and say” that’s Northampton. It’s also the properties but there is no such a thing as “all of the properties”. That’s an abstraction and abstractions don’t exist. An abstraction is useful to summarize things but if it existed it wouldn’t be an abstraction.

Here’s the political point. When George, Vinny and Elaine say they are doing something for the good of the township they are not because there is no such thing for them to do it to. Whatever they mean when they say those words, watch them because they are not telling you what they are really doing.

They recently demanded and got $10,000 to approve building plans. They said it was for trees for the township. What did they want the money for? Even if they buy trees there’s a lot of money going to go to favors for the three of them. Northampton does not exist meaning it’s not anything real. So what are they doing with the money?

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