His EPA administrator has issued a 645 page book called “GUIDELINES FOR EXISTING STATIONARY SOURCES: ELECTRIC GENERATING UNITS that’s mostly a lot of jargon and repeated ideas that boil down to making the use of American Coal more and more difficult.

The reason is to eliminate “Climate Change”, aka “Weather”.

Liberals like to set impossible goals and condemn the individuals who object to the impossible goal. This is not an objection. It’s the disclosure of the impossibility.

The New EPA book has no specific goals. By specific it’s meant no climate information. the book doesn’t identify the climate. It doesn’t show the effect of the changes on the climate and it doesn’t show the climate at the end of 2030, the time the book claims to show the end of the experiment.

The Obama Administration is dedicated to the support of the enemies of the America. Obama is not so much an enemy of America as a facilitator of it’s destruction. America can be destroyed by destroying it’s ability to live. Energy is necessary to live. Obama’s plans are aimed at punishing America by, among a great many other things, increasing the cost to live.

Obama has refused to support the Keystone pipeline. He’s suspended a lot of drilling for oil. He’s announced he want’s to make it too expensive and take too long to build a coal fired electricity plant. You will be forced to pay more to use electricity. You will be forced to use less electricity. Your life will be harder.

It’s almost seems like the President is punishing Americans like his father and mother taught him to do.

The last coal powered electric generating plant has been built. No more are coming. Obama’s rules will prohibit burning candles. OK, a bit of hyperbole but you get the point.

OK, that needs some additional explanation Here’s it is.

The 645 page EPA book won’t destroy everything in America, just the ability to use coal to make electricity. It’s a tough book to read. It’s called “A Plan”. It’s not a plan but a set of “ORDERS”.

America wasn’t supposed to be a nation run by orders but a nation run by Reason.  The Law in America was supposed to stop one person, that would be Obama, from ordering everyone, that would be you, me and the rest of the people, to do what he ordered people to do.

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