Edward Snowden has enormous courage to have exposed a secret unconstitutional data collection program of Americans. His life is not worth much in America eve though the NSA has been caught red-handed spying on every American as well as people around the world.

Congress has attempted to stop and has stopped some of the Fourth Amendment breaking spying against Innocent American Citizens

The NSA has been caught spying on Congress and the Supreme Court. Millions of laws have been broken and so far as possible to know, continue to be broken with scarcely a peep from millions of citizens who are mostly unconcerned about the data collection being done against them.

 “All of your private records, all of your private communications, all of your transactions, all of your associations, who you talk to, who you love, what you buy, what you read—all of those things can be seized and held by the government and then searched later for any reason, hardly, without any justification, without any real oversight, without any real accountability for those who do wrong.” said Snowden.

Your photo’s on your Facebook account are being collected, stored and are part of your Individual Dossier that NSA is collecting, assembling and using in sophisticated facial recognition programs, according to the 5/31/2014 New York Times. Much of these data are used to apprehend pretty bad people including, especially, terrorists. Driver’s license photographs have been routinely used by police at the state and local levels.

Years ago government began searching through people trash without warrants on the basis that a person’s trash was abandoned property. No matter. the Fourth Amendment is clear. The person is not to be investigated without evidence and the government must follow the rules of the Constitution before searching for evidence in certain places. the basis for that was the idea that a person’s papers are off limits to searches. Off limits means a person’s papers are not permitted to be searched whether or not they’ve been abandoned. they remain the papers of the person who abandoned them. The names of the person is what’s protected from unreasonable search.  

German Chancellor Angela Marcel’s cell phone was tapped by the NSA. Snowden asks how reasonable is it to believe her’s was the only German phone tapped by the NSA? The response from America was that her conversations were not listened to is simple straw dog slaying.

It’s not whether or not her conversations were listened to, It’s whether her conversations were recorded and whether they can be listened to at another time. Same for all of the other conversations that the NSA denies “listening to”. Not even President Obama has denied that.  

The Obama administration and its European allies went so far as to force down a plane carrying the Bolivian president on suspicion that Snowden might have been on board. That’s really a frightening, coercive abuse of power on many different issues.

Snowden has lots of propaganda value to Vladimir Putin and that may be what literally has saved and will continue to save his life.

Secretary of State John Kerry challenged Snowden to “Man Up” and come home and “trust in the American system of Justice” meaning he should face Eric Holder’s United States Department of Justice  where he will be disarmed in advance of any meaningful objection or defense. Holder has proven willing to fail to protect people of certain races while protecting people of certain other races.

The American System, whatever it’s called these days is capable of breaking whatever laws it wants to break. Since President Obama is a trained lawyer he’s versed in how to avoid breaking laws by claiming or granting himself and his administration immunity from, for example, the laws that should have prevented forcing down (by using what, paper airplanes?), the airplane carrying the President of Bolivia.

The people of Bolivia have turned very much against America probably because of acts against them by the government of America as well as other government’s perhaps working under their anti- drug programs. Forcing down the President of Bolivia, and everyone knows it’s because America is bigger than Bolivia so Bolivia can’t fight back. As Secretary of State John Kerry would say: it’s time for Bolivia to Man Up.

The KGB, the Stazi, the NKGB and other secret police were not limited by a constitution like America has or probably at this point had. How many different secret police organizations are there around the world? Here are the names of just those that existed in Russia.

 Notice that the KGB was “the Committee for State Security”. That’s eerily similar to the “National Security Agency” that’s responsible, not for the security of the people or the security of individuals which would make it clearly Constitutional but the NSA is responsible to protect the Federal Government.

Not having a Constitution designed to control government, the KGB was on better legal grounds spying on the people than countries that are prohibited from spying on the people by a Constitution.

America is allowed to spy, they just need the name of the individual, their crime and the evidence against them so the approval of a judge is more than a mere formality. That’s what the NSA is not doing. That’s what Edward Snowden let out of the bag.

According to Bridget Johnson’s writeup at the PJ Tatler:

“the author of the PATRIOT Act, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner told the European Union  parliamentarians:

“Congress knew the country needed new tools and broader authorities to combat those who meant to harm us, but we never intended to allow the National Security Agency to peer indiscriminately into the lives of innocent people all over the world.”

Can Snowden get Justice from the American System when he’s been charged under the Espionage Act?

The Espionage act forbids the presentation of  a “public interest” or “whistleblowing” defense. Snowden’s motive isn’t even allowed to be used in his defense. So Sec. Kerry’s talk-talk about Snowden being able to make his case is ridiculous. That a Secretary of State is being so outright deceptive I should be deeply troubling.

Kerry and Snowden both know damn well that the American System Of Justice on issues like this is “inherently unfair and biased”. People like Bradly Manning and others who stayed in America; trusted their future’s to the American System of Justice and have allegedly “made their case” under Espionage Act charges, shows how they were railroaded by a system that is not fair and does not allow them to actually present their case. The American Press used to try to report on Soviet “Show Trials” which have enormous deterrent value precisely because the public is in denial or shock about their true nature. 

 John Kerry rode a wave of discontent about the Vietnam war. He was able to testify with immunity to a sympathetic ant-war congress. Edward Snowden faces no such a cakewalk. He has been given the verdict in advance so he must preserve his

Similarly, as one of Snowden’s legal advisors, Ben Wizner of the ACLU, points out, no matter what Kerry claims, Snowden isn’t dumb:

“He isn’t blind,” Wizner said. “Snowden saw what happened to other people who faced prosecution under the Espionage Act, and he saw the state of the law, which would not have allowed him to either to challenge the government’s improper withholding of this information in the first place, or to hold up the enormous public value of these disclosures. All that would have been irrelevant.”

In addition , what has Snowden revealed? He supposedly left with a million documents yet none have appeared. Daniel Ellsburg gave his stolen Pentagon Papers to the media. Snowden has concealed them. Russia doesn’t have them. That is another fact that is keeping Snowden alive.

Snowden’s assassination by a coercive state would be another propaganda defeat in a string of defeats by the present administration that have proved the NSA was spying on Americans and Foreigners. Some of the spying was and continues to be done correctly, constitutionally and with warrants although the secrecy of all of those warrants and their constitutionality has been questioned.

There is a secret court in America that reviews secret warrants that are necessary because of terrorism. The NSA spy program however is not connected with that program. It’s a separate program that was discovered because of Snowden’s revelations. 

Hillary Clinton’s State Department revoked Snowden’s passport while he was in Moscow. That effectively trapped him in Moscow. He could not and cannot get on a flight or leave Russia without a passport.

Before it’s possible to judge Edward Snowden we need to know: what’s really going on here?

Section 3 of the American Constitution defines treason.

“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

The “adhering to their enemies” is so far not happening. Snowden is not working with a foreign government. He’s been acting on his own and that’s yet another fact that is, so far, protecting  him from what may be “a coercive, therefore law breaking government.” How long it will take for government to work around that inconvenient fact is also part of the many issues surrounding Edward Snowden.

Notice, however the lack of outrage even by some real smart people. Perhaps the outrage has been dulled by the announcements that amount to: “do not pay attention to the man behind the curtain.”

 The Great and Powerful Oz has been caught but this is not a fictional movie. It’s very serious stuff.

Here’s some 50 year old advice from songwriter/singer Jim Croce:

“You don’t tug on superman’s cape
You don’t spit into the wind
You don’t pull the mask off that old lone ranger
And you don’t mess around with Jim.”

Or Barack.

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