Some really stupid government people had the dumb idea to provide free bicycles so people could ride around on them and get healthy but “The Youth’s” stole them. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

First, the reporters can’t count. They reported “about 50 of “The Youth’s” stole 48 bikes.

The bikes had one seat each. 48 seats menas 48 people, not about 50. It’s either 50 youth’s and 50 bikes or 48 youth’s and 48 bikes.

Or maybe two of “The Youth’s” didn’t get a free bike.

What was really dumb was what the Mayor said: “Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said she was outraged…….the theft of the bikes shows a critical need for programs to engage “The Youth’s” before they become incloved in criminal activity. 

What? They stole the bikes. That’s criminal activity. The Mayor needs to understand “The Youth’s”. They are already criminals. If the Mayor puts out more bikes “The Youth’s” will steal them too.

Giving a criminal something for free means they own it. That’s the basic rule of Possession Is Nine Tenth’s of the law.

Not trying to be funny but succeeding the reporters wrote: “Some of “the Youth’s” had been kicked out of the free park pool earlier. One of “The Youth’s” kicked a worker then fled on one of the free bikes.” LOFLOL

It’s not hard to figure this stuff out.

Give a free bike to a criminal youth and he’ll take it.

Seriously, he’ll take anything he can get. He’s a criminal. That’s what criminals do.

Baltimore deserves better than that. They deserve a Mayor who knows how to be a Mayor, not a clown who gives away free bikes to criminals.

This sould be sad but it’s really funny.


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