The lack of honor. Missing honor from  Vinny, Georgy and Eileen. Watch any supervisor meeting over the past two years. See the two rule system where V;G;E; and Art Freidman shut down the citizens but supported the intellectual renegades they call their friends. They have more in common with dictators than free people. Yeah, yeah, chirp, chirp, chirp say their supporters. “O’Neill’s signs were inappropriate” so they justify them being stolen before election after which Vinnie said in the Courier: “I think those signs helped me”.

Let’s take Vinny at his word. If Vinnie  believes my little Dump Deon signs helped him, ( I don’t) , then he should have “DUMP DEON” signs printed and put up all over Northampton. Or he should admit he betrayed his principles. Keeping one’s principles is Integrity. Integrity is a virtue. Honor is simply integrity in action. VGE lack honor. That’s what’s so terrible about the government in Northampton.

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