Bigotry because his administration is in favor of a race-based tax system in Hawaii where native Hawaiians get a different tax rate than all other people in Hawaii. (Here).

Intellectual Dishonesty because he blames others for his own failures. He blames President Bush for the problems he inherited because he ran for the job and he blames the Republicans in Congress for not passing his agenda items. He even blames the Democrats for not working harder to get Democrats elected when he knows many Democrats have abandoned him as they try to get re-elected. He just can’t blame himself. His over-large ego drives his conceit.

President Obama was elected along with a bullet proof Democrat majority in the House and Senate. People saw the bad laws the Democrats passed so they voted out more and more Democrats every election.

Obama is intellectually dishonest with himself because he is so ideologically stubborn that he hasn’t learned on the job, doesn’t know how to correct his own mistakes and he isn’t able to accept the blame for his wrong actions.


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