The idea that something needs to be done about “Inequality” is a really bad idea being put forth by the Left.

But the Left never justifies their idea. Why Not?

How come the Left want’s to just jam the idea down your throat and if you question it you’re somehow bad?

Remember the so called “Robber Barons”? The idea that they robbed people is false.

Andrew Carnegie, for example One of his two great innovations was in the cheap and efficient mass production of steel by adopting and adapting the Bessemer process for steel making. Sir Henry Bessemer had invented the furnace which allowed the high carbon content of pig iron to be burnt away in a controlled and rapid way. The steel price dropped as a direct result, and Bessemer steel was rapidly adopted for railway lines and girders for buildings and bridges. American Exceptionalism supported Carnegie’s ideas so much he became fabulously rich.

“You didn’t build it” is an attack on the idea that you are responsible for your own success, …..or failure. It’s also an attack on individual ownership.

Obama says “you didn’t build it” means what? that it’s not yours. Who owns “it”? Us, not you.

When Obama says you didn’t build it so it’s not yours, it’s ours is a basic idea of Marxism, not Capitalism.

Unequality if it was true means there’s no difference between say Bill Gates and you so why should he have more money then you? But it’s not true. Inequality is neither good nor bad. Whoever has more money because they were born to rich parents deserves it, unless it was stolen. All of the so called “Robber Barron’s” were far more productive people than average and today people despise them because of the Liberals who don’t like the rich. deserve their large fortunes.   

The idea that if you have a lot means you took it from somebody or that there’s an injustice about it.


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