The father of a Christopher Ross Michaels-Martinez victim shot by nutcase Elliot Roger didn’t waste any time absolving Rodger for shooting his son. He blamed “The Gun”.

Why be surprised that even in the darkest depth’s of his grief when his mind and heart were full of unimaginable pain, he knew enough to blame “The Gun”.

Perhaps Richard Martinez can be excused for failing to realize his son was murdered by nutcase Elliot Rodger who murdered people using knives, a BMW and a gun.

No, that would be wrong.

Richard Martinez came to his conclusions about guns long before his son was murdered. that’s why he blamed: “The Gun”.

Richard Martinez broke down and wept according to the Fox News report. (HERE).

His deep grief is difficult to watch. He dissolved to tears and fell to his knees. No father should go through what Richard Martinez is going through.

But he punched through his grief long enough to get angry. He is responsible for his ideas about guns killing people. He has a considerable number of people who disagree with his wrong evaluation of guns.

No one tries to blame aircraft for Guernica. A four hour terror bombing by the Condor Legion of NAZI Germany murdered innocent people. Did the bomb’s murder the people? Was it the evil aircraft? Or was it the pilots and their fiendish leaders?

Just as Guernica wasn’t caused by bombs, the murder of Richard Martinez’s beautiful son was the work of Eliot Rodger.¬†Lets get the record right. ¬†

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