Who has a plan?  Where is the plan to defeat the Terrorists?

Perhaps there are several plans. If so they are secret and they must remain secret because terrorists almost seem to be everywhere.

Some ask: “where are the moderate Muslims? Why don’t they condemn the Terrorists and terrorism?

Terrorism condemns it’s enemies. That would include Muslims who speak out against terrorism. So there’s no point for Muslims to condemn Terrorism.

There’s survival value in keeping quiet.

President Obama seems to have a secret war going on against Terrorism. He’s never announced it but he’s been pretty clear to identify the enemy as Number one, Not Islam.

The news media doesn’t seem to believe President Obama is going after terrorists. Maybe he isn’t.

But there seems to be a drone program going on. Who the drones are going after, if they are going after anyone, is a secret.

President Obama apparently gave the order to assassinate Anwar al Awlaki. According to CNN, “In late September 2011, a handful of American drones maneuvered by pilots sitting thousands of miles away crossed the border into Yemen, hovered over a group of trucks and fired.

One of the people killed in that raid was Anwar al-Awlaki, a radical Islamic preacher and al Qaeda operative who had helped guide the failed attempt of the would-be underwear bomber to blow up an airliner on its way to Detroit in 2009.

But al-Awlaki was also an American citizen, born in New Mexico, and his death at the hands of the U.S. military, without permission from a judge or Congress, has been a deeply controversial case ever since.”

What’s really going on here? No one’s talking. It’s a secret. How wide and deep is the secret?

But if there’s a secret plan to go after Terrorists, …and it seems there is,…. then it’s working. At least it seems to be working.

What about Boko Haram? If there’s a secret war going on, how come Boko Haram is still operating? 

That’s a secret too.

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