Neither do whites.

Racism is typically described as a one way offense. Blacks can charge whites with it but Whites have the Power and the Privilege so they cannot be victims of Racism.

That changed with a Black President, a Black Attorney General, a Black Chairman of the Joint Chief’s of Staff, (Gen. Colin Powell) and Black Mayors in for example Philadelphia. Black people now have power and because the Presidency is the highest office in America. Black People have the power attached to the Federal Government.

Can Whites be victims of Racism?

No. The Definition of Racism is a one way ratchet but the Race Hustlers, people like Al Sharpton, Liberals, Progressives and others not satisfied with equality under the law and de facto equality in the culture have identified Black Bigotry and Black Privilege as new charges against the White race in America.

Whites are bigoted, they say, missing the point that White People helped elect a Black President. How can blacks be victims of racism when Blacks have power just like whites? How can whites be oppressors of blacks when they voted for a black president?

Turns out White People are not guilty of Racism after all.

Racism left America long ago. When Northern white people went to war against oppression: that would be the Civil War to end the oppression of black people, the charge of Racism ended.

Never mind, said the Progressives. We can gain loads of government money if we continue to make the point that there are White Racists everywhere but they hide their Racism and we can’t find it. Hiding Racism? What does that mean? Either someone oppresses another because of their race or they don’t. There’s no middle way to hate and love the same people for the same reasons at the same time.There are impossible things in dreams but not in reality.

Are there bigots in America? Yes. they come in all races, all sexes and all religions. Are Americans racists? Bigots? Sexists? Not as a culture. . .

There are no impossible things.

There’s no way to be both black and white. President Barack Obama realized that. He wrote about it in his book: “Dreams Of My Father”. He decided to stop pandering to the white people of his mother. But there’s an undertone of bitterness about the man.

It’s good President Obama supports Blacks. Notice he also supports Whites. Notice he’s comfortable with both black and white people and that he leads people of all races and all cultures. That’s the hope and the promise of America.

Today, the charge of Racism commits the sin of oppression against white people because of the color of their skin.

The Equal Sign in mathematics means each side of an equation has the same value. Equality before the Law means each person has the same protection from government. Just like two sides of an equation are different but equal, two races are different but justice is the same.

It’s time to drive  away the bigotry of those who hate white people. It’s time to end the Civil wars in America. It’s past the time to mark the end of racism, bigotry and privilege that de facto ended in the last century.


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