The Veterans Administration provides government run health care to a very small number of Americans and it’s killed 40 of them due to normal bureaucratic behaviors.

“Hidden Lists” of people waiting for health care caused some people to die while waiting. Who’s surprised?

The idea that Obamacare regulates the private health care system but the VA is entirely a government system begs the question. If government cannot manage a 100% system eithout patients dying, how can it manage a system where it has far less control?

The point is Government does not belong in medicine. Government does not have the abilities to manage any type of private system.

The failure of the VA is because of government involvement with hospitals, doctors, nurses, medical technicians, even cafeteria people and other jobs and people required to operate health care.

Delivering the mail is far easier than providing health care. Government cannot run the post offices without losing both mail and money. How can government be expected to run a hospital?

It can’t.

The VA is one big fat Obamacare system. Sure government iseasing into health care by claiming to regulate it and to provide is to millions who don’t have health care insurance but Medicare, Medicade and the VA systems have been around a long time and the problems have been covered up. In many past cases the problems died. Under the management of the Vererans Hospitals 40 veterans died because government should not be in the business of healthcare.

In fact, government should not be in business at all.   

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