The final score is: Tomlinson 6,975; Dr. Rose 11,893.

It was only “The Primary”, not the real election so Dr. Rose has not won, ….yet.

Voters however told “Tommy” he better try harder. If he keeps going the way he’s been going he’s not going back to Harrisburg. Same story for a few other Bucks Republican Candidates because the Democrats are coming on strong.

Can the Democrats win against Tomlinson, Farry, & McIllhenny? No. But….

There are 4 Senators and 10 State Reps in Harrisburg from Bucks and the Republicans control every seat except 3 State Reps which are in Lower Bucks.

Here’s the “But”, …..

….. the voters are pis**d about politics and politicians. That advantages the Democrat challengers campaigns but the Republicans of Bucks will still hold the majority of seats after the November elections because even more than the outrage against government, the majority of the Bucks County voters are against the Democrats in D.C.

The Dr. Rose / “Tommy” Tomlinson race is sort of an exception.

Dr. Kim Rose has more of an opportunity here than the other Democrat challengers. She pulled off an upset victory as Supervisor against an entrenched Republican Dynasty of sorts. She has extremely high positives going into her campaign against Tomlinson who is largely seen as a  vulnerable incumbent.

Tomlinson has been in public office since 1978 when he was elected to the Bensalem School Board. He’s made lots of friends over the last 36 years in office. He’s a reliable warhorse who brings gravitas to the Bucks Republicans.

He’s mostly an old-school Republican who is very vulnerable to the Democrat Attack Machine.

In the fall Dr. Kim Rose may be an early rider on Hillary’s popularity; on the move to get more women into public office and the frustration of many Republicans who are just fed up with politics as usual. 

The smart money is on Tomlinson. But technology is with Dr. Rose.   


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