In an almost overlooked election for the Northampton Republican Committee “Tea Party” Jay Russell, a long time supporter of the Ron Paul Revolution and the Tea Parties, won re-election to the committee.

Sometimes the devil is in the details and Jays re-election comes as more good news to his friends and supporters. The committee elections are strictly internal events. The campaigners don’t do much campaigning and almost all of the committee elections are slam dunks for the political insiders.

Although Janet and I have opposed the local insiders, the winners have always been those people who are picked by the Republican insiders.

In the 2012 election, State Senator Tommy Tomlinson wrote a letter to all Republicans in a small election district, the ninth, in a small part of Northampton township to support the two Incumbent Republican Committee people against whom Janet and I were running. Of course that helped  some Republicans to vote for Tomlinson’s personal picks. That’s how it ‘s supposed to work and it did.

Jay was appointed to the Northampton Township Republican Committee by now deceased Jim Kinney. Jay won the elections in 2012 and 2014 so he’s a third term Committeeman.

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