Beginning at the 1972 Olympics the Palestinian group called “Black September” attacked and murdered Israeli Olympic Athletes. That began the terror that eventually was inflicted on America.

Normal people were stunned by the viciousness of the Palestinians. Beginning on that day, continuing with the unprovoked 9/11 attacks against completely innocent and unsuspecting Americans and up to today, the Palestinian’s have converted some unsuspecting Americans to believe America is the attacker; that American attacks help al-Qaida gain recruits; that because America is fighting terrorists in 70 countries it proves America is the aggressor as though al-Qauda’s kidnaping children and forcing them to fight made them virtuous because they didn’t cloak their kidnapping in secret like President Obama does. Those ideas are false yet accepted, especially by those who hate America.

Jeremy Scahill wrote a one-sided book called “Dirty Wars” that feeds the anti-American Left-Wings narrative that the war on terror is America’s fault.

That’s also the false set of premises repeated by Director Richard Rowley in his movie based on the book, neither of which any American or friend of America should support.

I’ll go further. I condemn both the book and the movie as based on lies, fabrications and mostly on bad thinking, defective logic and false conclusions.

No American should support the book or the movie. 

Scahill, Rowley and their fellow believers are outraged President Obama has an assassination list including one American citizen; that he’s conducting a secret set of “Wars” in over 70 countries and his Secret Wars On Terror are being conducted without public input.

When did war planning begin to be conducted in public?  Was 9/11 planned and executed in public? Did Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill conduct their WWII strategies and tactics in public?

Of course not. Nor have Presidents and Generals had public meetings announcing how many enemy combatants they were going to assassinate the next day. That’s “The Premise” that concerns Director Rowley’s movie that was cheered by the Hollywood types at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival by renowned Liberal “Sundance Kid” Robert Redford.

Scahill operates on the false premise that killings during a war are assassinations. He fails to blame the Palestinians for starting the use of guerilla warfare and terror. Mao Zedong conquered China with guerilla tactics. Castro used them as did hundreds of dictators like Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Somoza, Pinochet, Pavelic, Bashar al-Assad, Mugabe, Francois and Jean-Claude Duvalier, Ho Chi Minh, Juan Peron, well, you get the idea.

But Scahill starts and ends his book attacking America and President Obama for not revealing his military plans in advance.

Why not condemn FDR for assassinating the German Army? Why not condemn General MacArthur for assassinating North Koreans?

But Scahill is only against President Obama and President Bush for refusing to send troops when a drone strike will work?

Scahill and Rowley condemn President Obama for killing women and children with drones as though the President decides to just send a drone with the idea to kill some women and children. Such nonsense is intellectual ammunition for the enemies of America.

Picture the public beheadings, whippings and amputations carried out by the Taliban. They was on the T.V. news programs until America stepped in and assassinated those people because they were fighting Americans.

Scahill needs to start at the beginning and list all of the secret “Improvised Explosive Devices” used by America’s enemies as part of the most secret war every carried out, the one the terrorists do every day including the Boko Haram kidnappings of school age girls.

The right way to analyze the War on terror is to start with the terror attacks. America responded. America’s War on Terror is a War of Self-Defense. From time immemorial that puts America on the right side and unfortunately, it leaves Scahill and Rowley on the wrong side.


Without oversight, without public input,

secret wars in ovcer 70 countries

SPy yon all American citizens without any kind of probable cause

Americans without a trial



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