The disgraceful commentary by Supervisor George at the end of the May 25th meeting was a series of contradictions. He spoke directly to Supervisor Rothermel but was not honest enough to mention his name. George said he hoped the other supervisors, meaning Rothermel, could agree to disagree without being rude. Then he was rude to and criticised Supervisor Rothermel by name but refused to allow Rothermel to answer the charges. That’s rude and unfair. It’s a clear example of saying one thing then doing the opposite. That’s pretending to believe it’s wrong to be rude. The proof is George’s words after he pretended that rudeness is wrong then was rude to Rothermel. That’s hypocritical. Hypocracy involves deception. Deception is a kind of lie.  

There were several topics during the meeting that Rothermel brought up and with which I agree. Specifically the plans for a new building for a local business, a beer distributor, were approved but with the requirement that the owner present plans to exit or enter the site from the TD Bank property. Mr. Rothermel explained that George, because he has been the liason with the planning committee, that George knew that could not be done because there is a letter from TD that rejects the possibility of the beer distributors driveway(s) connecting to the TD parking lot. Me Rothermel also brought up the idea of the chairman demanding $10,000 be “donated” to the township to pay for the trees that the owner had to move to build the building. Rothermel explained there were 51 trees on the proposed palns and that was quite enough therefore there was no need for George to demand either the trees or the cash.  

This has happend many times before. It seems to be worse than simple hypocricy. It almost seems to be a form of extortion that the victim must agree or spend even more money fighting for the right thing to be done. Will anything be done about rescinding the $10,000  “donation”. No. That’s how Northampton has always operated. Supervisor Rothermel explained they do that because they can. Disgusting.

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