The Federal Government is destroying economic America 50,000 pages a year. That’s the number of pages in the Federal Register. (Here).

China is small potatoes for taking American jobs, although the Chinese are a factor. General Motors for example has 21 factories in China. They employ perhaps an average of 400 workers per factory, 8,400 jobs total. Let’s double that: say 17,000 jobs at $40,000 per job. $680 million a year.

Regulation costs America $1.8 trillion a year. See the CEI report above. That’s $1.8 trillion dollars with no benefit. At least the $680 million spent in China makes some cars.

What happens to the lost $1.8 trillion? It is money taken from Americans. Most of it is hidden. If you have your Income Tax Return prepared for $200, you lose $200. The accountant gets it but if you spent $200 at Redners Supermarket you would have $200 worth of food.

So you lost $200 because of the regulation called Income Tax.

Likewise when you buy a car and pay 6% sales tax. You lose $1,800. When your health insurance increased $1oo a month you lost $1,200 a year.  Government regulation costs money.

Add in the costs of State and local regulation and the jobs lost to China become insignificant compared to the costs of the regulatory state.

The Democrats want more and more regulations. Obamacare produced and incalculable but large increase in the costs of regulation. When will it end? Never.

Who will end it? Neither political party. Even though the Democrats want more regulation, the Republicans want more too, just no quite as much. The situation is hopeless because the American Mindset is for more regulation too.

How does it end? Many ways are available. As the working class jobs leave the management jobs disappear because there are fewer people to manage. The skilled workers are eliminated first. The burger flippers and the babysitters operate longer but eventually fewer people eat at a burger place so the burger joints go too.

Government kills jobs because government wants more power. More power = fewer jobs. Fewer jobs means less money to spend. Less money is the beginning of the end. The end began decades ago. Blame  the Democrats.


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