According to a website called National Journal “Average Americans Think They’re Smarter Than The Average American.”

Intelligence like loads of other human attributes is distributed unevenly across the population of America. The distribution follows “The Bell Curve” according to author Charles Murray.

The Bell Curve has a peak in the middle. Half of Americans are smarter and half are not smarter than the other half. The article gets it wrong. The average American gets it right.

There are some quibbles about the percentages regarding average, below average and above average intelligence but 4 percent say they are not as smart as the average and that’s pretty accurate. The opposite is also true, about four percent are far smarter than the rest of the population.

The tone of the article trys to belittle Americans but it’s just some bad conclusions on the part of the authors that caused their error. Most Americans are far more intelligent than most Americans know.


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