Ronald Reagan perhaps was a victim of Alzheimer’s so Iran Contra wasn’t laid on him but Richard Nixon tried desperately to cover-up Watergate and Obama along with his Attorney General Eric Holder escaped punishment for Gun-Walking into Latin America but :

the Benghazi  incident grew out of lies about a video, the cover-up of the lies about the video and lies about who is responsible for starting the lies, Gun Running for the Syrian Rebels, the effects on the Re-Election of President Obama and who is responsible for the cover-up of the lies and the lies and the lies.

The Watergate Cover-up brought down a brilliant Foreign Policy president, Richard Nixon. Benghazi is far more serious because Nixon did not orchestrate the Watergate Break-in. President Obama and/or Hillary Clinton orchestrated the lie about the video being cause of the attack on the Benghazi facility.

No one died because of Watergate. Four people were murdered by terrorists at Benghazi. The cover-up of Benghazi becomes part of a conspiracy, just like Iran Contra and Watergate.

Ther are many Presidential secrets. There should not be lies about the cause of Benghazi. Nor should there be a cover-up of the gun-running. At this point the public does not know what happened to the arms allegedly destined for some rebels in Syria. The truth about Benghazi will set the administration free of the cover-ups.

The Obama Presidency and the Obama Administration needs to clear up Benghazi or the legacy will always carry a footnote about the cover-ups. For an administration that announced their desire for the most transparent administration in history, they betrayed themselves.   

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