Hillary has been lying all of her life or at least all of her professional life. She fell. She announced a “concussion”.

She admitted a blood clot inside her skull. Her doctors called it a cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) which is the presence of (a blood clot) in a vein  that drains blood from the brain.

Symptoms may include abnormal vision and any of the symptoms of stroke  and seizures. The diagnosis is usually by computed tomography (CT/CAT scan) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) which she had.

The pressure around the brain may rise, causing papilledema (swelling of the optic disc) which may be experienced as visual obscurations. That easily and clearly explains her special eyeglasses.

Hillary is an experienced litigator. She can shade the truth and mis-direct the truth as she has been doing with her stories about a video causing the murders in Benghazi, Bill’s infidelity; the Rose Law Firm’s billing records which she denied having which turned up in a closet near the bedroom in the White House.; the $100,000 she scored with a $1,000 investment, a feat she never repeated.

Hillary is not to be believed. Her lying is almost pathological, perhaps even congenital.

1. Benghazi: Lied about the video.

2. The Russia Reset: The button pushed America back into the Cold War.

3. Monica Lewinsky: A tragedy, farce and disaster.

4. Hillarycare: Big Failure

5. Boko Haram: Hillary failed to label Boko Haram a terrorist outfit.

Do you think someone can be famous for bad things and become president? No.

Note the medical terms about abnormal vision directly related to the CVST. Hillary wears special eyeclasses designed to cure “double vision”. How about papilledema as the cause of the double vision?

So far as a stroke is concerned, who would take Hillary at her word about not having a stroke.? Read the symptom of a CVST . “Any of the symptoms of a stroke”. Why believe her about not having a stroke?

If Hillary admitted having a stoke she would make a poor candidate for President because Bill would easily jump back into the White House as at least an acting President if Hillary suffered a stroke in office.

Past presidents have had strokes in office. Woodrow Wilson did and he hid it from everyone. Wilson didn’t have the Hillary is not to be trusted problem. Hillary could cover-up a stroke easier than she could cover-up pushing the video to get her out of Benghazi’s murders.

Did Hillary have a stroke? For anyone who can visualize the biology around the CVST it’s a very high probability. A blood clot stops the flow of blood. Stopping the flow of blood from the brain is a stroke. There are other kinds but there is one kind directly related to Hillary’s: – CVST.

One thing about Hillary. If she needs to claim she had a stroke to further her political agenda she’ll admit it faster than a lightening bolt.

Until then she will keep it quiet. But the odds favor a stroke.

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