Bishop Tutu said: “This government—our government—is worse than the apartheid government.”—Archbishop Desmond Tutu, winner of the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize.

Life expectancy fell from 63 to 51 years since 1991, the year apartheid ended. The main success of South Africa has been corruption. 46% unemployment.

South Africa, once a jewel in the crown of Africa has become a very angry country on it’s way to a revolt.

But the people don’t need a revolution, they need the one thing all government’s cannot deliver, jobs. As the political scene deteriorates business leaves. Business can tolerate a lot of corruption but there are limits as so many African countries know.

In neighboring Zimbabwe, President Mugabe caused the pauperization of his nation with massive violence and barbarity for what? Eventually, destruction and death.

Unfortunately, South Africa is following Zimbabwe.

Why? No Commercial Inclination. The success of a culture is proportional to it’s commercial abilities because no culture can operate without money and commerce converts materials and labor into profit. Another word for profit is money.

Unfortunately, South Africa is broke and without the ability to succeed meaning without commercial ability.

The ability to be successful is not measured by the number of people. It is not measured by the type of culture. Success however is a foundation of Capitalism. A socialist culture, as known by Marx must first be a Capitalist culture.

Why capitalist? Because no other culture can create wealth.

But Capitalism doesn’t work in a Culture of Corruption. ‘Want proof? Look around. Which cultures are successful? Only the ones where Capitalism exists in significant degrees.  Capitalism has run away from South Africa because of the corruption. That’s South Africa’s failure.




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