The New York Times published an 8,000 word article by David Kirkpatrick that illuminated President Obama’s dangerous work against the interests of not only America but of the entire world except for the enemies of America who benefitted from his Anti-America foreign policy. The Media loved the Anti-Americanism and pushed it along. the media is a fellow traveler for the Progressive, Bigger Government Agenda.

Whether Barack Obama is a Socialist, a Progressive, oversensitive to race, or even a Totalitarian at heart, Americans are in more danger today than before he was elected. His motives have propelled him to punish a culture his parents and the Left Wing American Universities and their trained Media lemmings detested.

Benghazi shines a spotlight on the Entire American Left. From Saturday Night Live’s Tina Fey mocking Sarah Palin to the Associated Press, Hollywood, the New York Times and Pravda. Pravda? Pravda isn’t part of America.

Correct but it’s part of the American Media’s swoon over Obama. the connection is clear from Putins takeover of the Crimea and his present war against Ukraine. That’s part of the danger of his clubby relationship with Obama and the American Media who will never expose Obama’s failures because they support his agenda.

Hillary was part of Obama’s War On America. She might have devised the push to blame the terror attack on a video to cover-up her wasted and ineffective foreign policy work as Secretary of State. Hillary/Obama/The Media and Hollywood. What a perfect storm but it’s being unravelled.

Benghazi may wind helping humanity if it succeeds in defeating Hillary.



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