This is fantastic gypsy guitar playing, by a 25 year old Norwegian girl who calls herself Commander in Chief and a classical guitarist Thomas Valeur. They play a classical piece written by Sarasate called Zigeunerweisen. She’s an Official Ibanez artist , playing the prototype Falchion 7 string, the only one of its kind in the world. 

Great music is a rare commodity. These two guitarists are at the top of their abilities. This is difficult music to play and they have the passion needed to trigger the emotions. Extraordinary! This type of speed guitar playing is called shredding. It took the two artists five months to get to this level of artistry.

Zigeunerwisen means “Gypsy Aires” in English. This is flat-footed playing, unmanipulated  artistry with lots of original work by both artists working together.   HERE.

Zigeunerweisen was written by a violinist, Pablo Sarasate for the violin. A masterpiece version on violin is by Itzach Perlman HERE  

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