Nothing should outrage Americans more than taking their money. “Taking Money” is what Pope Francis proposes be done when he calls for “Legitimate Re-Distibution Of Wealth.”

There is no “Legitimate Re-Distribution Of Wealth” without stealing it. Stealing is not forgiven if the money is put to a good use.

Perhaps Pope Francis want’s to re-distribute the wealth of the Vatican but probably not. The Vatican is one of the most expensive collections of wealth in the world. No doubt the Pope forgot about that when he proposed re-distribution. He meant to exempt himself and the treasure of his church. 

But Marxism with it’s call to share the money has been a favorite theme of most religious people who, like Mother Theresa care more about the ends than the means; the result than the theft.

Lashing out at “the injustices of Capitalism” as it was put by the Associated Press, Pope Francis not only insulted the very idea of honest money, he insulted America, the most Capitalist country in history. He joined ranks with the oppressors of history. By taking money or calling for it to be taken, Pope Francis is consistant with the message that money is evil. From a man cloaked in gold threaded robes who uses gold chalices during Mass, the charge rings hollow. The altars are covered with gold bought with the pennies of the poor. The rich, and those with sense abandoned his rackets years ago.   

The Pope is not a Capitalist. If he was maybe he would know there is no such thing as a legitimate re-distribution of wealth. Legitimate Money is earned.

Money must be seized from the owners for Pope Francisis’  re-distribution scheme to function. What a violation of: the laws of nature; Mosaic Law; the Ten Commandments and every moral system devised by people,  to propose money should be taken from the owner and given to someone else. The Pope should pray he changes his mind.

Money belongs to the person who earns it. Pope Francis condems money when he proposes re-distribution. Why?

MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL is a real belief of far too many people. Why is money Evil? It isn’t -but it can be used by evil people.

Here’s the best explanation of money ever written. It’s from the book “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand. It begins:

“So you think that money is the root of all evil?” said Francisco d’Anconia.

“Have you ever asked what is the root of money? Money is a tool of exchange, which can’t exist unless there are goods produced and men able to produce them.

Money is the material shape of the principle that men who wish to deal with one another must deal by trade and give value for value.

Money is not the tool of the moochers, who claim your product by tears, or of the looters, who take it from you by force.

Money is made possible only by the men who produce. Is this what you consider evil?” See the rest of the money speech HERE.


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