It’s the Gun Running.

On 13 Sept Hillary used the  identical script 36 hours before the Ben Rhodes e-mail was written. She used it and he copied her. .

Hillary initiated the cover-up about the cause of the terror attack on the U.S. Embasy in Benghazi. Dick Morris had this connection.


The attack and the murders happened on her watch,

A security failure.

The purpose of the Video Lie was to distract and derail the investigation to cover-up the gun-running to certain rebel groups in Syria. Neither the Dept. of State nor the Executive wanted an investigation of Benghazi’s foundations. They wanted to avoid the blame for the CIA arms arms shipments to Syrian rebels, arms which were to be used against the Assad Regime because the project was not supposed to lead to the White House or to President Obama.

Protect the President at all costs is the reason for the cover-up and the cover-up of that cover-up.

It’s not a failure but an un-anticipated terror attack, the cause of which was to grab the weapons, which cause threatens to become revealed by the Select Committee.

The Obama Presidency is over when that comes to light. Hillary’s 2016 Presidential campaign is stillborn.


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